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Post by haoxinren on Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:36 pm

 When she got fired she posted a note on Peterson's tiffany co jewelry page seeking his help. He never came through for her, but apparently Channel 5 did. She got her job back.
The big mystery is what poor planning led to a young stud like Peterson being unable to hold his water for the additional three minutes it would have taken him to get to his home on Cold Stream Lane? Maybe one of his buddies was driving and just wanted to see him squirm?
The Vikings said they could not reach Peterson for comment.
I guess he should be applauded for not urinating in public and joining the pantheon of celebrities caught doing so, including some of those Vikings involved in that infamous Lake Minnetonka Love Boat scandal.
Are designers and owners of Sequin, a New York-based fashion jewelry line? Sequin also develops, creates and manufactures jewelry under the tiffany engagement rings Ischia label.
After doing a little research, Linda learned that Latina had seen a piece of the jewelry on "The View" and tracked it down at Bagley Ischia.
I tried to find out which celebrities will be wearing jewelry designed by the Rank sisters of Minnesota on Sunday night on the Golden Globe Awards, but they can't be sure until the show airs on NBC.
Tiffany & Co (NYSE:TIF) is surging in the pre-market with its stock higher by more than 4% as the momentum continues after the company raised its full year earnings guidance. Tiffany said that better than expected holiday sales prompted the higher full year earnings guidance. Shoppers were significantly eager in getting high end jewelry, as lower-priced outstanding jewelry that was very strong revenue generator during the recession was limited during the holiday season.
Ford Motor (NYSE:F) is higher in pre-market by more than 1% with its stock trading very close to its 52 week high at $18.49. Ford is not moving on a particular catalyst this morning, just plain price action as the stock attempts a break out to new highs. Ford has stalled for the last two trading sessions, as the stock deals with resistance at the $18.50 level. Short term support is defined at $17.30 coinciding with the ascending 20 day moving average.
Cisco Systems (NASDAQ:CSCO) is trading higher in pre-market action, on no particular news with the stock very close to the $21 level that has been serving as resistance for the tiffany charm bracelet two trading sessions. Cisco has been trying to recover from a tremendous sell-off that materialized back in October after the company reported disappointing earnings. A break above $21 could signal a probable test of the 200 day moving average at the $22 level.
Citigroup (NYSE:C) once again is on the focus list as the stock is trading back very close to the $5 mark. Citigroup has been unable to develop a close above the $5 level, and still needs to clear the April high in order to remove the probable double top formation. Traders will continue following the price action, as today given the strong financial performance in overseas trading we could see another breakout attempt.
Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is trading higher in pre-market trying to negate yesterday’s reversal day where the stock was unable to break $345 ending the session lower than its opening range. Apple has been rallying the last two weeks, as investors had been excited about Apple’s new App store for MAC and most importantly after the long awaited official release of the tiffany co earrings on the Verizon network, which might become a catalyst to take profits and sell the news.
Brides now plan their weddings using smart phones and apps, and they're choosing rings that way, too, if the rings are under $2,000 (anything above that tends to result in a visit to the jeweler). "We have much more traffic on the URL address than we could hope to as a print publisher," coach outlet online
Ferrari, editor- in-chief of Wedding Dresses magazine, explains on the phone from New York. This fall, the magazine decided that, after 20 years of print, they would shift to online-only.
"Websites is where people really search for products, tips and peer reviews from other brides; that is the advantage, as well," she adds. Ferrari is also the editor of Engagement 101 magazine, which hosts an extensive ring gallery alongside articles on how to best pop the question. "We have about 3,000 unique visitors a day to the ring site and they pick about 8,000 rings a day," she says. By pick, Ferrari means perform an action -- be it looking at detailed information or sharing it via a Tweet, email or otherwise. Simple solitaires are no longer the most "picked" styles. "It's all about having something that another girl doesn't have," she continues. "The problem with solitaires is that they don't make you feel as special. The more detailed, ornate rings are about being differentiated." That's why Ferrari thinks my favorite coach bags
Gemstones along with sapphires and rubies will pick up steam, particularly after the William and Kate announcement.
The most popular style is what Ferrari calls the Halo -- a centre stone surrounded by small diamonds. "It picked up when the economy was not doing great and people could not afford the centre stone of carats that they wished. It's also not on high prongs so it's very practical for everyday life, they don't get caught up in fabric." After that, it's estate jewelry-inspired designs. "With the economy, some guys found it easier to buy vintage than new," says Ferrari. "And also, there's that trend in fashion to retro, like Mad Men, coach purses outlet translates into jewelry."
"We seem to be going away from doing the solitaires," Mark Lash agrees. The Richmond Hill jeweler’s ornate Vintage collection is especially popular. Lash had his last few engagement pieces in production this week, about 20, to be finished and picked up by Christmas Eve. May and June are popular for engagements, but Christmas Eve and New Year's are also busy


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