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.In defensive solid guaranteed cases

Post by zai on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:59 pm

and in gattuso position, o lai Gerry was already thinking of the youth team out rookie Stella harp. Last football jerseys, zlatan ibrahimovic once because materazzi and moratti talk about him, and criticized the former team-mates and moratti, disgust "they always talk about me, they compared to" gossip ". On Monday, moratti in ABU dhabi and talked about zlatan ghd, say "because ibrahimovic have the strength, so we sell (his that pen) business was very well..."But the Swede clearly in a good mood, even when it comes to inter milan, his attitude is improved. "I now of the status? Very good, but at coach outlet and the most wonderful thing in those years than, I haven't won anything, I have to keep working." Meanwhile, galliani refuses to take last season's international milan and now the AC milan for comparison, but at the same time also hints moratti, "world energy". Indeed ugg boots sale -the Galliani said, sighing already three years, AC milan has been nothing can win maybe now is to win something titles. As for the transfer market, "I would like to meet all o lai Gerry wish, but the specific coach purses of very difficult." The Italian media speculation, galliani here are talking about matt. Los Angeles respect criterion to ronaldinho again pressure

hope the Brazilian soon make the final decision. Mourinho's "dog and cat theory" now coach handbags the Spanish media hot debate focus. The Portuguese is on real zaragoza before the game published his comments famous speech: "I said at the beginning of the season, the team forward only higuain and Ben yzma will be difficult, now only introduction.now yzma, the coach wallets is more difficult. If you go hunting and side but only a cat, that also can only bring cat out, because you can't alone to go hunting. If you have a good hunting, the capture of will obviously be more. Take the cat to, captured oakley sunglasses online be less, but no matter how, you are in hunting."

Due to say is attacking and mentioned this yzma and gonzalo higuain, people naturally think, ray ban wayfarer sunglasses is in will higuain compared to hunting ability strong hounds, will this yzma as catch ability difference a grade of cats. Outside, said jose mourinho's comparison is very vivid. So in the Spanish media, have appeared various relevant cat and dog word play, "marca" also synthesized a ZhangMu mourinho took the shotgun, led a cat, a dog names of hunting, and on the front page CuTu.However, jose mourinho but feel coach outlet that annoyed because he felt outside misunderstood his original intention, because of what he calls "the dog and cat," does not mean a player, but refers to two different tactics. In his post-match press conference, to which cheap gucci sunglasses did explain the dog and cat: "refers to the different tactics. Dog refers to the three forwards in attack tactics

a benchmarking players, damage, stronger. The cat is refers to the 442nd tactics, goalscorer coach purses benchmarking players, damage to lower, more gentler, to control of the game will more less. I have been hoping that could bring the dog names, but sometimes he must use the cat."Mourinho also ironic a misunderstood his intention reporters: "you're too wise, can cheap dior sunglasses understand my words." However, the reporters have misunderstandings in fact also is very normal, mourinho anyway is talking about the strike, but also mentioned this yzma and gonzalo higuain name after the chi flat iron, and this will definitely make people feel he was taking animal parables player. In fact, will tactics and animal relates in together, but interesting insufficiency.

Mourinho "genuine" explain pale, because in the fans, higuain hunting dog ", is "the horse was" cat "chi turbo said but already motivated to firmly occupied position, therefore, in mourinho explains the later, media still has many cats and dogs of hot debate. And in his post-match dogs or cats better asked better problem, real Madrid defender o wei roya intentionally air max 24-7: "in fact whether the cat is dog, two play real Madrid can harvest quite abundant, but the most important still is the whole team did well." Host echo way: "opinion, whether black or white, as long as it can catch mice will do." In fact, this air max or from China, not long ago, the Spanish former ambassador except an introduction to Chinese book, title is deng xiaoping that air max 2011 famous "black white cat theory".

The gil newspaper AD writing gout comments reporter Thomas, real Madrid in the post-match air max ltd zaragoza's victory, is "the beast" victory, mourinho with his cat and dog parables, will you take to Madrid nature theme park in uriah Virginia. Real Madrid for real zaragoza's game, also turned into an interesting animal concert. If this yzma is beautiful cat, that cristiano ghd hair straighteners and di Mary is two ferocious bulldog, lars diarra is a dalmatian dog (known as stain dog), eritrea JiEr is German shepherd, pepe and ricardo carvalho is Siam cat, alonso is huskies, mosaics los is chihuahuas, o wei ugg bailey button is a German shepherd, casillas is the doberman pinscher wear gloves.

Mourinho with their own a speech for the team before the game out of an atmosphere of tension, classic argyle knit made a contribution in the game, with real soon entered the state. O looks the zaragoza team on the pitch existence time than the school gate a doughnut existed for short still. Thomas said, mourinho announced after the game in the press conference, tried to take the cat chi pink dog and interesting the parable of orientation tactical aspects, instead of making people feel boring, "Mr, since at real Madrid coach on the TV station saw your comments theory of fans and all the reporters hold the ghd iv styler interpretation, then it is no mental problem."


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