Casillas and cristiano ronaldo

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Casillas and cristiano ronaldo

Post by zai on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:57 pm

WeiLuoYa is in ramos said o injury to play is unfair, he is everybody's example. And, I said first-football jerseys players position is not fixed, players only training and to work hard, even if others was not injured, that he can play playmaker. First of all, that is to WeiLuoYa of praise, o, then it is not of ramos punishment."For stilian radio said the casillas and cristiano ronaldo with reports, mourinho sniffy, he filled with spicy language answer a way: "the world is ghd of controversy, sometimes have to make some explosive news, or no one look like buying players. Such news for the team to impact is not quite, but such reports will be hurting the team, the reason is very simple because someone lying. Casillas and cristiano ronaldo, I have never had any problems without even worth coach outlet explain what, also don't want to be involved in this topic, fortunately team with no damage by what for."

Iker casillas said messi should for the golden ball, reporter to mourinho asked his opinions, madman said: "Kathy very practical, but if by the golden ball to ugg boots sale who was the best player and that this topic should be very serious and impartial. I don't want to go analysis who had a golden globe, and I think prize of people don't necessarily is best, maybe next time Kathy will coach purses Harvey or iniesta it. In 2010 in the past, mourinho is selected the best coach FIFA's decision, this he said, "this year for me is perfect, inter got all that can get champion, real Madrid in all competitions in the title race, although we still in the league, two coach handbags behind, but the champions league is the best team scores, if is full marks is 11 points if, then this past year my scoring is 11 points." Jose mourinho has very aggressive, let the scene of the reporters of material forest.i coach wallets Madrid want on New Year's eve was preparing for the news, jose mourinho after listen to again very humanized to explained: "that's not true. The New Year's eve, we affirm and family together, players oakley sunglasses online other coaches I will so. Of course, if you have the player wants to go to the hotel set ready to play, I also don't block. Formal preparation from January 1 morning start, manufacturing news are ray ban wayfarer sunglasses like collective reclusive life."

Mourinho also borrow conference chance to reporters on the add chat, "at real Madrid cannot say hard, in coach outlet than this more difficult, because there's press conference almost one and a half hours, to cope with all kinds of interview, this lets a person feel exhaustion, and I hope it's just five minutes end it all. At real Madrid is much easier; if I pay attention not cheap gucci sunglasses to others, or ask opponent's coach is I can start conference line (innuendo valencia coach ella ringwraiths. The club's management and I have the tacit understanding, we can in every aspect consensus, so I coach purses feel a bit tired." Finally, jose mourinho has called on the bernabeu fans continue to give the team support, "tomorrow's game is worth three points, now we ranked second, but this is not what I want unplaced. Sevilla strength bad, but poor, but the difference lies in the situation we are at home games, and the fans from the start of the season's cheap dior sunglasses day for us
because they know also see the player in the effort, so in sevilla and levante in the match, I hope chi flat iron fans continue to maintain this support team now lack of hands, so need more fans of this support, had them we can beat anyone." Manchester united might become Arab rich acquisition targets, according to the British media reports, Qatar's royal family plan to 15 billion pounds chi turbo the reds.According to England "daily mirror" global exclusive reported "English football's most famous clubs now become the Arab" invaders "next target, in Manchester, Manchester city club has been mansur led ABU dhabi joint group acquired, and now Qatar royal pursuing Manchester air max 24-7.

According to the daily mirror says, Qatar "Holdings" group currently seeking to 15 billion pounds air max Manchester united, the investment group is the background of the qatari royal family.Not long ago, Qatar won the World Cup won the 2022, the royal decided to take it as an opportunity, expand in global football field effect, and has begun to everywhere in attack, last air max 2011, Qatar fund bought Barcelona shirt sponsorship right, claimed that Qatar for the global football ambitions, and purchase more united can impress the world.Holdings", the group's President al tower, is also one of the leaders in Qatar government, he believes united are ideal target, that it may have terminated the air max ltd family of united's rule.

According to the daily mirror says, once Qatar people buy Manchester united, the reds debt will not ghd hair straighteners all empty, and will become the transfer market can and Manchester city competition "big alligator", for those who have been opposed to the glazer family united fans, they certainly will will welcome such changes. Love football, love more wonderful. Love ball, also love passes. Love goals, and loved slapping down reports opponents. I am not ugg bailey button merengues, also not be 1 0 activists. I like the sea storm swept aside all competitors. I was special, I have ramah josiah. I am to Barcelona. Use "every object" to describe the current Barcelona are also quite accurate. classic argyle knit spaniards, again into the other five goals, Barcelona seems to have not human team, with the Catalan media words, Barcelona now is constantly slapping down reports have hit the opponent, slap chi pink.Adds the peaceful, the media joked that have Barcelona played matches, pitch only set a goal is enough: in eight games Barcelona data is simply a feel unimaginable, and Barcelona goalkeeper valdes ghd iv styler also can be in the bottom quietly enjoy their teammates staged football storm: since villarreal in the first 11 games manasseh Neil liga game's first goal against Barcelona after 25 minutes


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