ronaldinho is an upcoming demands of players.

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ronaldinho is an upcoming demands of players.

Post by zai on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:55 pm

However, the introduction of cassano's scheme on AC milan's locker room also is not approved, football jerseys to the whole market news, the only one throws against the players, it is ronaldinho. It is also very good understanding, ronaldinho playing really don't want to in the January transfer window, and Antonio cassano obvious is to for him, but in this tide situation still keeps his ghd that ronaldinho has not afraid and club showdown. "The market", said the gesture, ronaldinho more push him over to the opposite of the club and the team. Of course, the club has not because the ronaldinho against up is introduced Antonio cassano, this more instructions, "ronaldinho is an upcoming coach outlet of players.

Berlusconi has for cassano things vague 1 "I feel ronaldinho better", galliani can mean "cassano join ugg boots sale ronaldinho model is not a matter of", but if Antonio cassano really coming, pato to return, ronaldinho'm afraid I really like had "ErJinGong" shevchenko is same, even have no access to substitute, after all, is on the bench at the same time put three forwards is a coach purses of waste. If this is the situation of words, so just returned to Brazil's ronaldinho, to maintain the squad even a substitute position, leave AC milan will be his best choice. 4 steals, 4 times clears, to an full-back for, coach handbags data is not low, but the problem is, in Mr Antonini game against the big teams, in length, always problems.

Momo sissoko for Juventus, scoring a the AC milan to hell of a ball, it is from Mr Antonini coach wallets, it is also since then, gianluca zambrotta in main left-back position on replaced Mr Antonini, during this period, of which both Mr Antonini starting are playing only home game against Palermo, and little sense of home game against ajax in the game. The left-back oakley sunglasses online, gianluca zambrotta although had lost his past sharp assists, even defense is no longer difficult, but at least no key mistakes.The injury due to gianluca zambrotta, of which both Mr Antonini starts, in most of the time, of which both ray ban wayfarer sunglasses Antonini performance or qualified, the strong second-half 12 minutes borriello hattush bonera, is Mr Antonini timely put shovel damage, but the 68th minute lost the ball, of which both Mr Antonini one-to-one standing position of case

still be mei inside "raw" cut inside was, indeed, coach outlet ability is insufficient to reflect, and at last week, the Italian media just once pointed out: "defensive ability and consciousness, is restricted by Mr Antonini become important bottleneck of the first-class defender." Yao is Mr Antonini to strength the when the error, cheap gucci sunglasses time, AC milan need urgent attacking, of which both Mr Antonini 3 meters from give ambrosini passes, directly toward the outside the line, ambrosini rolled back two steps to catch, didn't also could remedy, rarely coach purses players AC milan captain anger, both hands catch the ball, rare towards Mr Antonini roared. Such a mistake is not serious, but extremely affect morale.
From the age of speaking, a 28-year-old antonini has not a new ones, AC milan can wait o bart up the cheap dior sunglasses, but that has now should be the best of the Mr Antonini, which is why AC milan began in the transfer market abandoned introducing right-back, and main left-back. Cohen, labor such worth more than 20 million euros, also boarded the left-back AC milan's reinforcements list, club seems to pain under cut-throat. Mr Antonini once reputed as "chi flat iron players, he will spearhead the benchmarking" substitute, diligent, ability not common, really is commendable, but then he is a substitute, if placed in absolute main position, is another kind of standard requirement, when chi turbo Antonini with 33 gianluca zambrotta fell away, it means that, AC milan, must be in the position on introducing new ones, after all, gianluca zambrotta is not the team's air max 24-7.

At present, the AC milan can left-back except Mr Antonini and gianluca zambrotta and affirmation of air max blues and royals marek jankulovski bonera even visiting a severe, but the effect bad, in the transfer market, besides Cohen, labor besides, AC milan against sampdoria young left-back ziegler shaved interested, meanwhile, galliani still clung that year because of financial problems by medical never a pretext refuse ari air max 2011.On Saturday, because the injury has four months without down to the vacant lot kaka, for the first time yesterday and his team-mates touch train, but mourinho has had the extraordinary hope, he said: "our hope is that January, kaka can return." Sunday against sevilla match, kaka will not air max ltd, but jose mourinho is still the Brazilian squad for the team training, which was intended increase or rich against online means, especially the team at present only a 9 this yzma. "In fact this is old problem." Mourinho ghd hair straighteners said "if all as during zaragoza go so smoothly, not necessary analysis of this yzma problem. But the problem is... for example right, for real zaragoza to finally, we 3 than 0, or 3 to 1, I needn't change striker, I need diarra and grameen home control ability, but once enhance input needed offensive strength, our hands are less. ugg bailey button job is to read the game, and then based on the pitch arrange who you..."

For sevilla's pre-match press conference, mourinho besides introduces kaka recovery, but also announced classic argyle knit will start, Kathy with cristiano ronaldo between rumours is groundless. "O ramos and WeiLuo yaming days will start, a right one left. In medical help, ramos injury got timely reply. The club's current situation is not very good, so ramos's comeback is crucial, and he offered a desire strong, it makes me feel very happy, because he in order to chi pink for this game made a great effort. Done sevilla, will have holiday, we have time to recover." Last week, the spread between mourinho on ramos breach of discipline disgruntled news, and then two people get at the training ground settlement, jose mourinho continues to play regular explained: "not because others is bad, ghd iv styler oneself good enough.


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