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Post by zai on Mon Dec 20, 2010 1:51 pm

the goal of victory is ShaoJiaYi in this season's serie b in the first three goals.Video - shaw football jerseys shem opponent attacks a precise marko babic better keep on blind Angle At that time, energie cottbus captain cruise stuck in steals in circle around, followed by rapid ball is a "freeing counterattack. In energie cottbus left sided player attraction, aubstadt world house did not ghd defenders preventing cruise card, but is more defensive focus on to other offensive player interference. At that point, the cruise card has been carrying the ball into the box line area, this is a great opportunity to swift counter-attack. But cruise CARDS and have no choice greed, facing the oncoming reactive defender, he coach outlet his right foot instep to put the ball in the box to the right wing, polishing ShaoJiaYi has arrived. Full-back has been expected ShaoJiaYi will directly at shot, and immediately make slippery shovel the sealing action, but ShaoJiaYi or on the ball under the condition of the left-footed bow will push away feet into the goal in left-down blind ugg boots sale. Goalkeeping for this ball without any method, can watch the ball into the net.

ShaoJiaYi after scoring his first ShaoJiaYi recovering from injury, will send the boss wally Bates coach purses gently. flick fist, then start to feel the love of goals, believe wally clapped for their Bates also right choice and happy.ShaoJiaYi of this goal very natural let person couplet remember korea-japan World Cup 2002, Brazilian player rivaldo goal. When Brazil in the quarter-coach handbags against England, Owen has bucked the strength seized Brazilian defender lucio stopping the ball error after single-blade first scored, and rivaldo just before half-time scored a classic counterattack goals.Then coach wallets scholes to Brazil two players defensive let once, ronaldinho and began rapid success immediately steals the ball forward, is also the ball into the box, ronaldinho a line area fake action dispossessing England defender after the ball will be assigned to the defense right, quick kill box to keep the ball ball certain rivaldo directly marko babic oakley sunglasses online, the top corner for Brazil before halftime equalised.

The goal ShaoJiaYi with that goal rivaldo illustrates the midfield player, is also in central midfield ray ban wayfarer sunglasses ball forward, the wing players entered to attract full-back defense, when a defender to prevent shot past prepare sealing ball person, this name ball player will ball points to the wing, flank left winger immediately inside-left channel the top coach outlet grab. This is quick counterattack in very classic routines, and ShaoJiaYi and his teammates will this classic score means in the DE b again stage.So far ShaoJiaYi has scored personal in 2010-11 serie b season's third goal, at the same time, he also helps cheap gucci sunglasses cottbus team to kill back to the table top, in the game before hitting streak the same situation, behind only the top AoGeSiBao team two points, upgrade the situation remains bright. With the world coach purses championship this year, the fifth win the championship, and inter milan from ABU dhabi returned to milan in the cold city, celebrating remaining, moratti and his inter has its own troubles, it all comes from benitez title after an ultimatum. But moratti is not willing to let benitez broke his mood, he says he's unwilling to talk about rafa cheap dior sunglasses.

In his milan's doorstep, just harvest will be the moratti told reporters he spoke and his players in ABU chi flat iron celebration, "in fact, we just after the game, in the stadium to celebrate. Tell you, by January, inter will specially held ceremonies, when the time comes true luxuriant moment." Serie a has entered the winter break, inter probably during this period for five trophies chi turbo, about the specific content, he said: "I'm not too sure yet, but will certainly prepared activities for the fans.""It is just like a dream as, last night after wake up, we became champions of the world, but this is not a dream, but a reality." Moratti said, "we achieve this step spent a long time, has been air max 24-7 about cannot go finally, but the team so ready, we were successful."

The only regret is perhaps benitez added after practice, like jose mourinho in the champions air max final directly after coach Madrid announced that he will be the same for benitez told inter's ultimatum, his comments seem to destroy the inter beautiful celebrate atmosphere, moratti said: "maybe those words of but and now is not consistent with the atmosphere, air max 2011 we have not been affected, because the moment inter fans were happy."Then after a happy, moratti would celebrate after the storm for benitez understanding? "No, now I won't comment on him about it." Benitez's agent is in air max ltd try to quell the event, he says benitez will 100% stay at inter, but in the end this matter with the pair will also be massimo moratti.In addition, because for benitez in the final moments not his game, and materazzi angry did not join the team title ghd hair straighteners

he also said: "the coach said what we are not interested, because the club do revolutions." To ugg bailey button, moratti smiled and said, "of course, I cannot afford to offend anyone." He then starts to defend his players, "I think he wanted to express meaning is now everyone at the club for the club's achievements are happy, we and our team is stood together, he said so very classic argyle knit, I'm glad to hear that."Beijing time on December 19, morning news, AC milan midfielder Andrea pirlo team officials announced because his hamstring and will miss about one month.Pirlo is yesterday in AC chi pink 0-1 home defeat to roma match of the injured, when he was mei, outside inside kicked after receiving treatment by clarence seedorf standards. After the game, AC milan doctor to pirlo makes a systematic examination revealed his thigh ghd iv styler.


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