"Indian women attach a lot of importance to gold jewellery," said Shobana.

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"Indian women attach a lot of importance to gold jewellery," said Shobana.

Post by indian on Thu Mar 26, 2009 10:00 am

IT WAS Shobana sans fans, dance troupe and Bharatanatyam mudras. At the Tanishq showroom on Cathedral Road, the graceful actress-cum-danseuse looked curiously at the recently launched Karatmeter (an instrument that ascertains the weight and purity of gold), trying to figure out how it worked. She placed her jewellery on a tray attached to a computer and watched the assessment process.

"Indian women attach a lot of importance to gold jewellery," said Shobana.

Shobana, clad in a turquoise blue silk sari with zari border, lent glamour to the occasion. She said it was essential for people to know that the gold jewellery they bought was worth the money. "You know all that glitters might not be gold."

According to her, "It doesn't matter if you wear something outdated as long as you can carry it off. That's why I even wear heavy jewellery sometimes," she smiled.

For Shobana, visiting Tanishq meant taking time off from her dance school and performances. She said teaching dance at her school Kalarpana was a way of relaxation. "I might sound melodramatic, but that is the truth. Teaching Bharatanatyam makes me feel relaxed."

So what about her role as an actress? After her come back with the award-winning performance in "Mitr", she is now awaiting the release of another film in the same genre, "Dance Like A Man", for the English-speaking Indian audience. The film, based on a play by the same name, is about the trials and tribulations of an unsuccessful dancer. "It is a very interesting film and I am looking forward to its release because I have also shot a couple of dance sequences. Working on it was a good experience."

Besides, Shobana watches movies as they help kindle creativity. "The latest film I watched was `Troy'. I saw it twice, for Brad Pitt and Eric Bana, of course," she smiled.

Under the new `19k=22k' scheme being offered by Tanishq at all its outlets across the country, customers can get the purity of their jewellery checked and if it is 19k or more can exchange it for 22k jewellery. This offer is on till August 8.
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